How to reduce shedding

Posted on 10 October, 2017 at 22:25

You can't stop shedding altogether, but ensuring your dog is healthly and with regular brushing and bathing it can be reduced significantly.


The main thing you can do to reduce shedding is regularly brushing your dog. Brushing helps to remove excess and loose fur and redistributes your dog's skin oil into the fur helping it to stay in place. The best brush to use for your dog will depend on the type of coat they have. For short haired smooth coat breeds such as pointers and dalmations a bristle brush similar to you use on your own hair or a rubber grooming tool such as a Zoom Groom or similar. For many breeds from sherperds, spaniels or other medium to long coat breeds a slicker brush. These brushes have tiny tightly packed short wire pins. These are good to loosen undercoat and to remove any tangles before using a deshedding tool. There are a few differrent types of deshedding tools such as Furninators, shedding blades and undercoat rakes. Be very careful when brushing your dog not to press to hard or do too much at once as you can cause brush burn on your dogs skin. A good stainless steel 50/50 comb or dematting comb is ideal to run through your dogs coat after brushing to get any remaing dead undercoat the brush may not have picked up. Speak to your local pet store to find out which would be best for your dog's particularly coat.


Regularly bathing will also help to loosen dead undercoat. I recommend using a soap free shampoo as you don't want to dry out your dog's skin and strip out the natural oils in your dog's coat. Alot of the fur will come out in the bath instead of on your furniture. Towel dry your dog with firm but gentle rubbing which will also help remove dead fur. Finally blow dry your dog using a low heat setting. You can give your dog a good brush once dry and you will find it is easier to brush a clean coat they a dirty one. If you don;t have the time, energy or facilities to bath and brush your dog regularly use a grooming service. Also, keep up to date with flea treatment for your dog as constant scratching will also make coat come out.


The second most important thing you can do is to ensure your dog's coat remains healthy and they shed less is through high quality diet. These may cost a little more in the short term but will improve your dogs overall health and save on vet bills in the long term. Dogs with food allergies or sensitivities are particularly prone to diet-related shedding. You may need to experiment with a few different foods before you find one that's right for your dog.


In addtion your can add Salmon oil,olive oil or flaxseed oil to your dog's food. One teaspoon (5 mL) per 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of body weight is a good place to start.These oils contain omega-3 fatty acids that help calm inflamed skin, decrease dandruff, and improve overall coat texture.

You can also increase your dog's omega-3 fatty acid intake by feeding it salmon, tuna, or other fish rich in these fatty acids. Finally remmeber to ensure your dog has access to fresh water at all times.Dehydration can lead to dry skin, which can cause excessive shedding and even illness. Make sure your dog always has access to as much clean, fresh water as it wants to drink..

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