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Frequently Asked Questions for Barkers Dog Grooming Auckland

How long have you been a dog Groomer how long has Barkers Dog Grooming Auckland been trading?

I originally started my working life in accountancy positions but decided I wanted to escape the office and work with dogs. So in 1997 I started a mobile dog bathing service. I did this for 6 years and I was constantly being asked if I could do clipping and dog grooming. Eventually I relented and started to learn dog grooming in 2001. I then operated a dog grooming shop for 2 years before I opened a Pet shop and Dog Grooming business. I sold this business in 2006 and have since continued to groom dogs while working in pet retail, dog walking, dog dayare and boarding. I decided to become self employed again and launched Barkers Dog Grooming Auckland in November 2014.

How is Barkers Dog Grooming able to offer such reasonable rates for dog grooming?

By keeping overheads low and the kind support of Waterwoofs Canine Hydrotherapy Centre, Henderson, West Auckland allowing me to use their facilities for good rates. Therefore I am able to pass the savings onto the dog owner.

What is your philosophy in regards to dog grooming?

The comfort of your pet during the dog grooming process is of vital importance to your pet. It is crucial that they enjoy the dog grooming process so they associate being groomed as non threatening, fun and relaxing. To me personally this is absolutely essential. At Barkers Dog Grooming Auckland I ensure that I maintain a calm and relaxing experience during the whole dog grooming process while minimizing the time that they are there. I achieve this by booking one dog at a time and returning them to the owner in the shortest possible time. In addition, I feel the cost of dog grooming in Auckland has become too expensive, so I try to keep the cost down and affordable.

At what age should my puppy have their first groom?

Once your puppy has had all of their vaccinations (12 to 16 weeks old) it is a good idea to bring them in for a puppies first groom. This include bath, blow dry, brush out, sanitary clip and scissor tidy. This is a good way of getting them use to the process of going to the dog groomer. A bad grooming experience early in life can put a dog off forever so making this first session stress free is essential.

 How often should I have my dog groomed?

This can vary from breed to breed or even individual dog but ideally it should be every 6-8 weeks. Call Barkers Dog Grooming Auckland for advise for your particular breed. If left to long between grooms the coat can become matted causing potential health issues such as broken blood vessels or even sores under the mats. If the dog is very matted the dog groomer may be left with no choice but to shave the coat off.

Many dog groomers don't seem to want to groom my large breed dog. Do you groom big dogs?

I groom any breed or size of dog. Many dog groomers find handling larger dogs physically demanding and will tend to charge a lot to discourage people bringing large dogs to them. This is not a problem for me and I welcome the larger breeds and at an affordable cost

 Is there anything I need to do before bringing my dog for grooming?

Just give them the opportunity to go toilet and don't feed before groom. This helps to avoid any toileting mishaps and I sure it is more comfortable for the dog if they don't have a full bladder.

What are the benefits of regular dog grooming?

Regular dog grooming helps keep your dog's coat and skin healthy and free from mats and knots. When matting becomes too tight it can cause blood vessels to burst or even result in hot spots and sores on the skin. As the dog groomer is touching your dog all over they often are able to find things that you may have missed such as lumps, skin infections and ear problems.

Should you have your double coated dog clipped?

As a dog groomer I am frequently asked if you should clip a double coated breed i.e retrievers, collies, etc in the warmer weather. People generally want to do this for two reasons:

- to help keep their dog cooler

- to reduce shedding

The double coat consists of a top coat (guard coat) which functions to protect your dog's skin and a softer undercoat to keep your dog warm. When the weather is colder they produce more undercoat and when warmer this coat dies off and is shedded. This is by nature's design and functions well. Regular brushing helps to remove this dead coat.

The downside to clipping is that it can alter their coat resulting in it growing back thicker, coarser and even patchy. This change in coat varies from dog to dog with some dogs showing very little change and others it can spoil the coat. Therefore it may result in them shedding even more and doesn't make them cooler as it hinders the natural function of the double coat.

My recommendation is that if you have had your dog clipped before and are happy with the result continue to do it.

However, if you have never done it I would recommend having your dog deshedded i.e all dead coat is removed. This will result in keeping your dog cooler and reduce the fur left around the home. I also feel it looks nicer than a clipped off dog.

A further way to keep them cool is to clip under the chest and belly only.

To book dog Grooming Appointment

Phone 022 162 7740 or click to email - (please include phone number so we can get back to you asap.) Thank You

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